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We’re Chelsea Larson-Andrews and Beverley Eve - the founders of TechMode. 

Chelsea lives in California and Beverley is based in London, UK. We’ve been working together for six years and are fortunate for the rare opportunity to collaborate with world leading tech companies, innovators, and trend-setters. We’re agile, we’re creative, we’re hard working…and we have fun.

Alongside managing B2B influencer marketing campaigns and tech events, we have also built up our own digital footprint over the years. With tens of thousands of followers across Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, we leverage our own channels as part of any campaign we coordinate. When working with a client we take the time to research products and study brand positioning and terminology, to enable us to produce unique thought provoking content that resonates with our audiences, while staying true to the clients messaging. And above all, we strive to operate as an extension of your own team.

We love what we do and we’d love to work with you.

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Our unique B2B marketing experience enables us to engage with the evolving tech industry.

Our story

The inspiration for TechMode is grounded in our experience at the Developers Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy organization for software developers. As founding members of the Alliance team, we spent years gathering feedback from tech professionals, growing a community exceeding 30,000 global software developers, and working with tech companies of every size.

Over the years we have learned that, for tech companies, keeping a competitive edge requires non-traditional approaches. With creativity, enthusiasm, and a bit of risk-taking, we've spent the past six years diving headfirst into challenges and working tirelessly to achieve lofty goals. The tactics we have developed are unique and effective, and our campaign results prove it.