B2B Influencer Marketing

People might not trust brands, but they do trust industry thought leaders.


We’ve been refining content production and B2B influencer marketing strategies for years.

We’ve discovered what works, and even more importantly, what doesn’t. Through creative and highly customized tactics, we will work as an extension of your team to strategize, plan and execute content production and influencer activations that elevate your brand, build loyal relationships with your customers, and crush your team’s goals.

Whether it be outperforming your competitors’ digital footprint, amplifying your presence at industry conferences, generating exposure for a product launch, report, or white paper, or boosting brand exposure to reach new audiences and build relationships - the B2B influencer and content generation approach is the tool for the job. We will help you cast a wide net while maintaining a targeted strategy with measurable results.


Content is King

Content, whether it be blog posts, podcasts, webinars, video interviews or live broadcasts, is (obviously) an integral part of any marketing strategy. What most companies don’t realize however, is that leveraging third-party content creation and marketing can, on average, boost ROI on brand exposure and engagement by 8x.

The importance of a high quality content production and marketing roadmap can’t be overstated. TechMode’s expertise lies is seeing the forest through the trees to create high impact content and generate mass exposure and engagement using brand channels as well as third-party influencer platforms. Authenticity is critical to our approach. Over the years we have learned how to position third-party content with seamless, organic integration into the larger brand strategy.

Our Network


Over the years we have established a network of dozens of tech thought leaders and industry trendsetters each with large, engaged, and loyal followings. The expertise of our team ranges from topics such as Digital Transformation and Data Science, through to AI, IoT, 5G, gaming, cloud… and everything in between! We work with the best-of-the-best to generate authentic content, cast a wide net, drive traffic, and build relationships on a brand’s behalf.


Are you a tech influencer?

If you're a Thought Leader in the technology space and we’re not yet in touch please drop us a note, as we’d love to get to know you and explore how we can work together.

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