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“If you hire TechMode you’re hiring THE experts for B2B thought leadership & influencer marketing.”


Lillian Pierson, CEO, Data Scientist, Author

Lillian Pierson (aka Big Data Gal) is a rockstar in the data science world.

Lillian is the CEO of two businesses (Catapult Coaching & Data Mania), an author, and a tech thought leader that has grown an online community of over 650,000 tech professionals. She’s brilliant, reliable, and easy to work with - making her one of TechMode’s favorite tech thought leaders.

We’ve been working with Lillian for over two years and she shared a video testimonial to describe her experience working with us. We’re honored to share what she has to say.

“They make their clients trend.”

“Over the years I have seen TechMode bring TREMENDOUS results for their clients. They specialize in B2B marketing and leveraging thought leadership to gain visibility and traction in the B2B market.”

“I have seen them overtake large industry events and make their clients trend through both visibility and engagement. Case in point, Mobile World Congress 2018, where their campaign absolutely took over Twitter and also dominated on Instagram.”


“They know all the strategies.”

“If you’re considering working with TechMode, I’d definitely say to go for it.”

“They know what they’re doing in terms of B2B marketing leveraging thought leadership. As a person with a strong following on Instagram, I’m keenly aware of the differences between B2C marketing and B2B marketing through social platforms. Bev and Chels know all of the strategies and have the management and resources to bring together a campaign that gets tremendous results for their clients.”


“It’s like herding cats.”

“I’ve tried to organize a few campaigns of my own and it is like herding cats. You have to have the resources to pay the team, deal with the influencers, and streamline the process. It’s a very challenging but Bev and Chels know how to manage the process and leverage strategies to get tremendous results.” 

“You can go out and try to figure all of this out on your own, or try and hire someone to manage it internally, but I guarantee you, you’re going to be at a loss.”


“If you hire TechMode, you’re hiring THE experts.”

“As a business decision-maker you understand that time is money. If you hire these girls you’re hiring THE experts in B2B marketing leveraging thought leadership and influencing. They are the go-to girls. I encourage you to learn more about them and I’m sure you will come to the same conclusion.”


Thank you, Lillian!

Lillian, your feedback is humbling and we’re honored to have your continued partnership and support. Thank you for being so AWESOME!

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