Our Process

The critical ingredient for a successful B2B influencer campaign is content. Think blog posts and podcasts, think tweet chats and webinars, think filmed or live broadcast interviews. What we do at TechMode is help your company determine an integrated content strategy (including your brand’s original content as well as third-party content production)…then we add a megaphone to amplify exposure to hundreds of thousands of tech professionals.


We liken the approach to air travel. Your brand is the aircraft - you’re the innovative complex engine that tech professionals need to get from A to B. The influencers are the flight attendants that build and reinforce the trust passengers have in the aircraft and its ability to go from point A to point B. They provide critical information, answer questions, and ensure everyone is comfortable. The platforms we leverage for content marketing are the fuel, they propel everything forward at breakneck speed. And TechMode are the pilots. We develop the strategic roadmap, plot the coordinates, and navigate the skies to ensure a smooth take-off, journey, and landing for everyone involved.

We love a good metaphor ;) But if you’d prefer a more concrete explanation, here’s our process in 7 simple steps…


1. Strategic Planning

This phase is the most important of any project. This is where we work closely with your team to establish KPIs and work backward to identify the approach and build a project roadmap. We’ll perform a brand audit and conduct competitor analysis to define the plan and generate planning documents and timelines.


2. Team Selection

While working through the plan, we will consult our network of tech influencers to determine the best candidates for the project. Our selection is based on criteria, including: topical relevance and expertise, exposure per platform, content production strength, and overall cohesion to the team holistically.


3. Team Coordination

Next we develop all the materials the team needs to succeed (resources, trackable links, campaign hashtags, graphics and more). We also set up and moderate the channels for group coordination and collaboration during the campaign, making sure the team’s on track and has everything it needs.


4. Content Production

We manage timelines, scheduling, deliverables, and oversee all content production from filmed demos and interviews, through to live broadcasts, tweet chats and more. If required, we can also act as an extension of your social team, gathering original on-brand content to help engage your direct audience.


5. Activation

During the activation phase we monitor activity across all social channels (Twitter, FB, YouTube, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, you name it), 24/7, to ensure posts go out on schedule and that the team is operating cohesively. This coordination is critical to the overall output and should never be underestimated.


6. Reporting & Analysis

We leverage robust tracking software to monitor campaign performance across platforms. Our methods for gathering data come from years of experience and result in a comprehensive post-campaign report, including metrics and analysis, lessons learned and notes for future implementations.


7. Repeat!

One thing we’ve learned over the past few years is that *consistency* is key. Campaigns are great, but you see the true power and impact with consistent, maintained activation. This also allows for a more lasting and authentic relationship to build between brand and influencer team, as familiarity with your products, services, team & overall culture increases with time.

Our approach works

Key highlights from the Influencer Marketing Hub “The State of Influencer Marketing 2019: Benchmark Report” 

Influencer marketing is booming

The Influencer Marketing industry is growing at an incredible rate and is expected to reach $6.5 Billion in 2019. According to a recent study by Influencer Marketing Hub, nearly 2/3 (63%) of businesses who budget for influencer marketing intend to increase their spending over the next 12 months.

Wow. But not surprising given that those surveyed reported on average an 8x increase in ROI with influencer campaigns focused on branding or engagement.


There’s a ton of opportunity in B2B


Interestingly, a whopping 69% of influencer marketing campaigns are aimed at the B2C sector. B2B approaches are less exercised, which is a benefit to tech brands looking to capitalize on the opportunities. Tech decision-makers are not fatigued by this as a tech marketing approach, increasing authenticity and credibility of content supported by thought leaders.

Another key fact to point out is that 65% of those surveyed leverage influencer marketing on a campaign by campaign basis. By implementing a consistent influencer strategy you can expedite momentum and beat out the share of voice with competitors by building exclusive relationships with key thought leaders and their audiences (before your competitors catch on).

Influencer Marketing = Big Opportunities

The bottom line is that most tech companies are still trying to crack influencer marketing to build relationships, but it’s not yet a widely leveraged approach in the B2B tech space.

With years of experience in B2B tech marketing, TechMode will give your brand a leg up. We have a proven systematized approach to influencer campaign planning and activation with expertise to mitigate the challenges - we’ll help your company hit the ground running.


Bottom Line

Our brilliant friend and tech thought leader, Diana Adams, say’s it best:

“In 2019, it’s no longer a question of whether or not a tech brand will use influencers. Instead, it’s a question of how much money they’ll set aside in their budgets for an influencer marketing campaign”.

If your company isn’t currently activating influencer marketing, there’s never been a better time to jump in. We will help identify your KPIs and develop a roadmap for success.

If you already have a strategy in place, awesome! We’d love to hear more about your approach and see how our tactics and network may benefit your strategy.


Are you a tech thought leader?

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