Tech marketing,
with a twist.


We help tech companies boost engagement, exposure and influence.


We'll help you reach educate engage excite activate tech professionals.

We’re in the business of relationship building. We help tech companies connect with tech professionals on a massive scale through B2B influencer marketing, thought leadership content creation, integrated media campaigns, and tech events.


What we do


Influencer Marketing

Leverage thought provoking content and validation from industry influencers to amplify your brand’s digital footprint, grow your audience, and fill your funnel with targeted tech professionals.



Tech Events

Generate buzz, grow your community, impress and engage with current and potential customers face-to-face through unique original events.


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Our awesome clients

We help tech companies of all types and sizes tell their story with amplified exposure and proven success. For every project, every campaign, we tailor our strategies with tried-and-tested tactics to reach our client’s unique objectives and goals.

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Word on the street


GUEST BLOG: 3 Reasons I Love Working with TechMode (an Influencer’s Perspective)

“In 2019, it’s no longer a question of whether or not a tech brand will use influencers. Instead, it’s a question of how much money they’ll set aside in their budgets for an influencer marketing campaign.

TechMode works with the most influential influencers in the tech space because of these reasons (and more). They create win-win campaigns for their influencers and their clients.”

Diana Adams, Tech Journalist & Thought Leader


Are you a tech thought leader?

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