3 Common Pitfalls Organising Influencer Campaigns


Have you ever herded cats before? Have you ever even tried? 

For most people, the answer to this question is a resounding “NO”, because it seems like it would be a very difficult - nay, borderline impossible- feat to even attempt. 

Yet we guarantee you that this is what your day-to-day workflow will look like if you try to fly solo into the chaotic airspace of influencer marketing. We interviewed Lillian Pierson (AKA @Strategy_Gal) Data Mania CEO, Data Scientist, Author, Tech Business Coach and cherished TechMode partner to identify three of the most common problems to avoid when organising influencer campaigns. 

Don’t let these common pitfalls take the wind from underneath your marketing wings:

PITFALL #1 : Lump B2B and B2C marketing strategies together

As different as night and day, these two strategic processes should never be mixed up.

Don’t apply B2C influencer strategies to your B2B clients; not only will they not work, but they ignore key strategic realities of the B2B landscape. So while somebody looking from the outside may see similarities between the two, which is fair enough, those of us working within the B2B Influencer space are acutely aware of the differences and the implications of those differences.

PITFALL #2 : Forget to create and stick to a development plan 

With so many moving parts, everything needs to be planned and orchestrated to perfection. Lillian talks about her ordeals when self-managing her first influencer campaigns:


“I’ve tried to organise a few campaigns of my own and it is like herding cats. You have to have the resources to pay the team, deal with the influencers, and streamline the process. You can go out and try to figure all of this out on your own, or try and hire someone to manage it internally, but I guarantee you, you’re going to be at a loss.”

To avoid insanity, we suggest creating a solid development plan with the help of experts who’ll make sure every detail gets accounted for, from the start through to finish.

PITFALL #3 : Lack previous knowledge of your influencer pool, communication channels, and target audience

There is no “winging it” in influencer marketing - not when everyone’s reputation is at stake. 

One simple misstep can mean irreparable consequences for you, your business client, and the influencers who likely won’t work with you again. Some bridges can’t be unburned, so make sure you’re 100% confident in your choices. There are lots of ways to go about this, e.g. utilising some of the many influencer marketing software platforms available (such as Onalytica or Keyhole), but at the end of the day the research and vetting has to be done so just as your parents always told you: ‘Do your homework and it’ll all pay off!’ ;)


Get the full story from Lillian in her video testimonial here. And if you know of any other pitfalls when running B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns, just reach out via contact@techmode.io :)

Chelsea Larson-Andrews